The Reduction of Butterfish and Scup Bycatch in the Inshore Loligo Squid Fishery

  • Program: SNECRI 2008
  • Total Amount Awarded: $144,771
  • Project Duration: Jun 1, 2009 - May 31, 2011
  • Status: Completed

Project Team:

  • David Beutel (URI/RI Sea Grant)
  • Laura Skrobe (URI/RI Sea Grant)
  • Christopher Brown (FV Grandville)
  • Steve Arnold (FV Elizabeth Helen)

Project Summary:

The investigation of the performance of an experimental trawl on its ability to reduce the catches of butterfish and scup in the Loligo squid fishery in Southern New England is proposed. Two commercial fishing vessels will be used to conduct the sea sampling in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island (URI). URI will also lead the data analysis, interpretation, and outreach. The commercial vessels will conduct side-by-side catch comparison hauls comparing the experimental net to the control net. The project is designed to investigate the quantity and catch composition of bycatch, particularly butterfish and scup, of the trawl nets. The change of bycatch between the control net and the experimental net will be evaluated.


Final Report

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