Job Satisfaction, Well-being, and Change in Southern New England Fishing Communities

  • Program: SNECRI 2008
  • Total Amount Awarded: $65,638
  • Project Duration: Jun 1, 2009 - May 31, 2011
  • Status: Completed

Project Team:

  • Richard Pollnac (URI)
  • Russell Wallis (Commercial Fisheries Center of RI)
  • Rich Fuka (RI Fisherman’s Alliance)
  • Lisa Colburn (NOAA)

Project Summary:

The proposed research is designed to provide the first quantitative test of a non-economic social impact assessment model developed in collaboration between university faculty and NOAA Fisheries social scientists. Using this model as a guide, data will be collected on a wide range of variables and analyzed in such a manner that we can evaluate the socioeconomic impacts of change in management regulations in the southern New England fishery, with emphasis on evaluating impacts on community and individual well-being. Collaboration with industry representatives and participation of individual fishermen will assist in model refinements and stimulate further industry involvement in the management process. The ultimate outcomes of the proposed research will be the use of the refined non-economic social impact assessment model to develop meaningful, legal and effective fishery management plans that maximize positive and minimize negative impacts on fishing communities.

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