Our Mission

The mission of the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) is to conduct and support research and education that assists in the achievement of sustainable fisheries through the generation and communication of better information and effective technologies for the benefit of individuals and businesses dependent on commercial fishing, consumers of seafood, and the public good.

The CFRF is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. The purpose of the CFRF is to:

  1. Encourage the use of collaborative and cooperative research and new technologies in commercial fishing.
  2. Provide resources necessary to the commercial fisheries industry to encourage the use of new technologies and gear design in cases where not already available.
  3. Foster collaboration among local organizations concerned with fisheries research and technology.
  4. Promote activities related to understanding the socio-economic impacts of fisheries management, in addition to biological and oceanographic research.

The CFRF carries out its work by:

  1. Soliciting input on research needs and priorities as they relate to the management issues relevant to the commercial fishing industry based in the southern New England region;
  2. Submitting proposals for funding to various sources to support research and financial assistance programs, and conducting other fund raising activities as necessary;
  3. Developing and implementing industry-based data collection programs;
  4. Acting as an administrator of funds for research and financial assistance programs;
  5. Facilitating the development of working partnerships among members of the commercial fishing industry, fisheries scientists, and managers to carry out and apply research;
  6. Communicating research results to members of the fishing industry and appropriate fishery governance entities.