Assessment of Potential Value of Sea Scallop Viscera Hydrolysate as Specialty Aquaculture Feed and Marine NutraceuticaI Ingredients

  • Program: Southern New England Collaborative Research Initiative (SNECRI)     
  • Total Amount Awarded: $88,958
  • Project Duration:  July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2013     
  • Status: Completed

Project Team:

  • Chong Lee, URI, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Emmanouil Apostolidis, Research Associate, URI, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Geoffrey Day, Seafood Research Associates
  • Michael Marchetti, President, Eastern New England Scallop Association

Project Summary:

This project will involve producing scallop viscera hydrolysate and assess its potential value as specialty aquaculture feed additives for feeding attractant and growth stimulant and marine nutraceuticals. In addition, the potential human-health application will be evaluated via in vitro nutraceutical assays that include antioxidant, anti-hypertension and hypocholesterolemic activities. All scallop viscera samples will be collected on a quarterly basis from the sites west and south of Block Island to avoid areas closed due to PSP biotoxins, tested for the presence of biotoxins and analyzed for their proximate composition. The successful outcome will lead to full utilization of scallop viscera into commercial development of high value specialty aquaculture feed and nutraceutical ingredients. As a result, value addition to unused scallop viscera will be realized benefiting scallop harvesters over the long run.

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