Advancing Fishery Dependent Data Collection for Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) in the Southern New England and Mid-Atlantic Region Utilizing Modern Technology and a Fishing Vessel Research Fleet Approach

Black sea bass sampled to date


(As of May 24, 2017)

general description:

The CFRF, in partnership with RI DEM, is launching a Black Sea Bass Research Fleet in the Southern New England and Mid-Atlantic Bight region. The project will employ eight Rhode Island commercial and recreational fishermen, utilizing a variety of gear types, to collect biological and fishery data on black sea bass throughout the year. Data will be collected and transmitted to the CFRF using a specifically designed black sea bass sampling application on Android tablets. Research Fleet participants will sample black sea bass within their typical fishing grounds throughout the year for a period of eight months.

project goals:

  1. Collect and communicate critically needed black sea bass data (catch and effort, bycatch, and biological) in a cost effective way using modern electronic technology and fishermen’s time on the water.
  2. Contribute to the improvement of the northern Atlantic black sea bass stock assessment.
  3. Develop a model approach for fishery dependent data collection that involves the commercial and recreational fishing industries.

Participant vessels:

  • F/V Sweet Misery - Newport, RI
  • F/V More Misery - Newport, RI
  • F/V Johnny B - Portsmouth, RI
  • F/V Laura Lynn - Point Judith, RI
  • F/V Matrix - Wickford, RI
  • F/V Lucy Rose - Wickford, RI
  • F/V Second Wind - Point Judith, RI
  • F/V Excalibur - Point Judith, RI
  • F/V Nancy Beth - Point Judith, RI
  • F/V Priority Too - Point Judith, RI

data collection strategies:

Participant fishermen will conduct at‐sea black sea bass sampling sessions during three fishing trips per month for eight months (December 2016 – July 2017).

  • For each sampling session, fishermen will record:
    • Gear type
    • Effort deployed (length of trawl or number of traps, nets or hooks fished)
    • Depth
    • Habitat type
    • Total number of black sea bass retained and discarded
    • Length and sex of at least 25 black sea bass

Fishermen will use a pre‐programmed tablet app to collect black sea bass data at-sea and wirelessly communicate data to CFRF upon return to port.

apply to join the fleet:

The application period for this project has closed, as of September 23, 2016. If you would like to submit an application for future consideration, please fill out the application and forward either via email, fax or mail to CFRF. To download the vessel application, CLICK HERE. To download the vessel briefing document, CLICK HERE.