Sustainable Seafood in the Ocean State

General description:

In August 2017, the CFRF kicked off a project that aims to increase the awareness and utilization of local seafood by Rhode Island restaurants, institutions, and consumers. Ultimately, this project seeked to develop lasting relationships between seafood harvesters, food professionals, and seafood consumers and to stimulate the integration of local seafood in the Rhode Island food system.

To review the final project report, click HERE.

Project Components:

1) RI Seafood Workshop: 

  • The CFRF worked with Chef Derek Wagner from Nick’s on Broadway (Providence, RI) to develop a workshop to educate food professionals about the availability, sustainability, preparation, and procurement of local seafood.

  • The workshop included an educational component focused on familiarizing food professionals with the fish and shellfish harvested locally and the operational characteristics of the Rhode Island fishing industry, a business component focused on the logistics and economics of sourcing local seafood, a hands-on component focused on identifying, breaking down, and preparing local seafood, and a networking component focused on connecting food professionals to local seafood harvesters, wholesalers, and retailers.

  • The workshop was held on March 6, 2018.

2) RI Seafood Guide:

  • The CFRF is working with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to develop a Rhode Island Seafood Guide that includes information about Rhode Island seafood species, a calendar of fish and shellfish availability, a catalogue and map of local seafood sources, and pairing and preparation recommendations. This guide is available on

  • The CFRF created a Directory of Rhode Island Seafood Suppliers that is intended to help food businesses, institutions, and culinary professionals procure local seafood. This directory includes seafood wholesalers only. Download the directory HERE!

3) Social Media Campaign

  • The CFRF shares facts, videos, and recipes for a different seafood species harvested in Rhode Island. Follow along on the CFRF Facebook page and Twitter account!

  • The CFRF worked with Brown University to create an educational infographic and two promotional videos about Rhode Island Seafood.


ri seafood recipes:

RI Seafood infographics

Infographic created by Meagan Peters, Brown University

Infographic created by Meagan Peters, Brown University

Demystifying Direct Sale of RI Seafood:


August 12, 2017, 1-3PM: Taste the Ocean State - Celebrate Rhode Island Seafood

  • Location: The KITCHEN, Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover Street, Boston, MA

  • This event was FREE and open to the public!

  • The event included:

    • Seafood cooking demonstrations by Chef Maureen Pothier and Chef Matt Britt from Johnson & Wales University.

    • Tasting of seafood dishes prepared by Chef Pothier and Chef Britt.

    • Lessons in seafood harvest techniques, availability, and sustainability by the CFRF staff and local fishermen.

    • Seafood recipes and information to take home.

  • Partners: Johnson and Wales University, The Trustees, RI Local Food Bazaar, Red's Best, Eating with the Ecosystem

March 6, 2018:  Sourcing Rhode Island Seafood Workshop

  • Location: Nick's on Broadway, Providence, RI

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This Project was Supported By:

This project is funded by a Local Agriculture and Seafood Act (LASA) Grant issued by the Department of Environmental Management.   The LASA grant program is co-administered with the RI Food Policy Council and funded by the State of Rhode Island, Kendall Foundation,  Rhode Island Foundation, and the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.

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