Realizing the Potential of Scup: Producing, Certifying, and Marketing Refreshed Scup Fillets

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In January, the CFRF will launch a project to develop a marketable seafood product from scup, an abundant, low value species in the northeast and mid-atlantic USA. The project will be approached collaboratively by a team of fishermen, fish processing companies, scientists, and culinary professionals, with the ultimate goal of developing a novel refreshed (previously frozen) scup fillet product that meets consumer demand, results in higher ex-vessel prices, and justifies expanded harvest of this underutilized species.

PROJECT components:

  • Develop the harvesting methods that produce the best scup for filleting, freezing, and refreshing.

  • Test the “freeze and fillet” and “fillet and freeze” methods to determine which produces the highest quality refreshed scup fillets.

  • Test three freezing techniques (batch freezer, plate freezer, Individual Quick Frozen) to determine which is the most effective for producing refreshed scup fillets.

  • Track the costs associated with processing, storing, and distributing refreshed scup fillets to estimate the final market price.

  • Monitor the efficiency of refreshed scup fillet production and estimate the total quantity of scup fillets available to the market.

  • Research uses and markets for scup processing byproducts.

  • Assess the shelf life and nutritional profile of refreshed scup fillets.

  • Conduct culinary evaluations of the organoleptic qualities of refreshed scup fillets in collaboration with chefs from Johnson and Wales University.

  • Complete a Fishery Improvement Project for scup to meet the criteria of large-scale retailers, such as Whole Foods.

  • Implement a marketing and traceability campaign to promote refreshed scup fillets to seafood buyers and consumers.

  • Conduct public tasting events of refreshed scup fillets to gather consumer feedback and increase awareness of locally harvested seafood.

  • Introduce refreshed scup fillets as a new product to the market.


  • Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation

  • Pier Fish Company

  • Sea Freeze Ltd.

  • Johnson and Wales University

  • Sustainability Incubator

  • Dodge Associates


Scup Recipes: