JWU and Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation

tap into local species for “Chef’s Table” 

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — July 21, 2016 — Some of Rhode Island’s finest chefs, including JWU alumni Derek Wagner of Nick’s on Broadway and Matt Varga of Gracie’s, Providence, will participate in “Chef’s Table: Rhode Island Seafood,” hosted by the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) and Johnson & Wales University (JWU), on Thursday, July 21, 2016, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Hope & Main in Warren, R.I. 

The event will encourage chefs to continue their efforts to utilize lesser known seafood species that are landed in Rhode Island, including: butterfish, sea robin, and skate. Dogfish, eel, fluke, hake, Jonah crab, monkfish, quahogs, scup, squid, tautog, and whelk will also be on the menu.  

Anna Malek Mercer, Ph.D., executive director, CFRF, and local fishermen will join the chefs for an interactive event that will include discussions, seafood prep, cooking, and tastings. She notes, “Chef’s Table will provide a venue for fishermen and chefs to explore ways to maintain a healthy seafood industry in the state, increase Rhode Islander’s awareness about their own natural resources, and enhance the use of local seafood on the menus of some of the state’s finest restaurants.”

Johnson & Wales University Media Contact:  Miriam Weinstein/JWU/ 401-598-1157 /miriam.weinstein@jwu.edu