Articles, NEWS releases AND UPDATES

Expressing Appreciation and Support for all Rhode Island Fishers and the Rhode Island Commercial Fishing Industry” - Rhode Island Senate Resolution, February 2019

Comparative Analysis of State Regulation of Direct-to-Market Sales of Finfish” - Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Fellow Program, February 2019

Rhode Island Foundation 2018 Best Practices Collaboration Award” - Rhode Island Foundation Magazine, Winter Issue, February 2019

CFRF Awarded for Work in Communities - Narragansett Times, December 2018

Selling Fish to Restaurants and the Public: A Fisher’s Guide” - Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Fellow Program, December 2018

The Economic Impact of Rhode Island’s Fisheries and Seafood Sector” - University of Rhode Island, December 2018

The Economic Impact of Rhode Island’s Fisheries and Seafood Sector - Technical Appendix” - University of Rhode Island, December 2018

Partnering with Fishing Fleets to Monitor Ocean Conditions” by Gawarkiewicz, G. and A. Malek Mercer- Annual Review of Marine Science, Vol 11, Jan 2019.

“Confronting Climate Change, Fishermen Collect Data on Changing Oceans” - WCAI NPR Cape and the Islands, November 2018

"Saving our Seas: Can Seafood Truly Be Sustainable?"- Johnson & Wales University Culinary Now, July 2018

"Front line of climate change: Black sea bass surge off R.I." - Providence Journal, July 2018

"Cooperative Research Seeks to Fill In Data Gaps to Support Fisheries Science
and Management Efforts"
- ASMFC Fisheries Focus, Feb/March 2018

"The Changing Nature of Shelf-Break Exchange Revealed by the OOI Pioneer Arrayby Gawarkiewicz, G., R.E. Todd, W. Zhang, J. Partida, A. Gangopadhyay, M.-U.-H. Monim, P. Fratantoni, A. Malek Mercer, and M. Dent - 2018 Oceanography 31(1):60–70, 10.5670/oceanog.2018.110.

"The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation: Engaging Fishermen in Research Since 2004" - National Shellfisheries Association Quarterly Newsletter 2017 (4), page 8

"Concerned Citizens and Fishermen Help Scientists Track Ocean Changes In Effort To Fight Climate Change." - WBUR, Boston NPR, August 2017

"Scientist-Fisherman Partnership: Collaboration Spurs mutual benefits for Research and Industry."- Oceanus Magazine, WHOI press release, March 2017

"WHOI Scientists Partner with Rhode Island Fishermen to Understand Rapid Changes in Gulf Stream-Dominated East Coast Shelf Waters" - Marine Technology White Papers, February 2017

"Food conference theme: Increase consumption of locally harvested products" - Providence Journal, January 2017

"New Effort Underway To Study Black Sea Bass In Southern New England"- Rhode Island NPR, September 2016

"Sea Robin Anyone? Chefs Get Acquainted With Local Seafood"- Rhode Island NPR, July 2016

"Fishermen, Scientists Collaborate to Collect Climate Data" - WHOI press release, May 2016

"Lobstermen dispute finding that New England lobsters are at record lows." - Rhode Island NPR, March 2016

"Scientists, lobstermen disagree on state of fishery." - The Westerly Sun, March 2016

"Study:  Offshore wind's impacts on fisheries unclear; federal report calls for more research" - SouthCoast TODAY, December 2015

"Real people who help shape the process:  Peg Parker retiring as exec director of CFRF" - Commercial Fisheries News, December 2015

"Students Stumping for Scup" - Providence Journal, April 2015

"Raising the profile of an undereaten fish" - Rhode Island NPR, April 2015

"Getting 'On-Deck' with Jonah Crab Data Collection" - GMRI Waypoints, November 2014

"CFRF:  10 Years of Fishermen Driven Research" - Commercial Fisheries News, October 2014

"One Square Mile - Lobstermen and Scientists Team up to Collect Data on Lobsters" - Rhode Island NPR, October 2014

 "CFRF whelk, scallop, lobster projects reveal surprises, climate change effects" - Commercial Fisheries News, January 2014

"The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) has produced a visually impressive, high-quality video about its 'On-Deck Data Program'..."  - Commercial Fisheries News, January 2014

"Using more scallop parts could create new industry" - Providence Business News, November 2013

"CFRF Summit - Commercial FIsheries News, November 2013

"RI Fishermen turn to digital toolsto help survey of lobster catches" - The Providence Journal, September 2013

 "Fishermen, scientists expand search for young-of-year SNE lobsters" - Commercial Fisheries News, March 2013

"CFRF tests lobster electronic data collection" - Commercial Fisheries News, March 2013

"Dogfish research reveals migration surprises" - Commercial Fisheries News, February 2013

"Butterfish Bonanza" - The Providence Journal, May 2012

"CFRF workshop tackles challenge of improving assessment process" - Commercial Fisheries News, May 2012

"Drop chain plus headrope slack combine to cut blackback bycatch" - Commercial FIsheries News, April 2012

"Industry, SMAST Survey, tag SNE yellowtail" - Commercial Fisheries News, December 2011

"Rhode Island:  King of Squid" - The Providence Journal, November 2011