Unusual Ocean Conditions in Southern New England: Insights from the Pioneer Array and Shelf Research Fleet

On April 18th, Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz and Dr. Al Plueddemann from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution shared a summary of the oceanographic data collected by the CFRF/WHOI Shelf Research Fleet and provided an update on the Ocean Observatories Initiative’s Pioneer Array.

The data collected by CFRF's Shelf Research Fleet has been used by oceanographers at WHOI to better understand how the ocean is changing and what that means for the resource species that commercial fishermen harvest. To date, CFRF's Shelf Research Fleet has collected over 442 profiles.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Oceanographic Conditions meeting on April 18th, please check out the attached presentation HERE!

Conditions in SNE 4_18.jpg

Image from April 14, 2018 of Shelf conditions south of New England. Shelf is cool and free of Gulf Stream/Warm Core Ring influences.