CFRF Recognized as 2018 Best Non-Profit in Collaboration by the Rhode Island Foundation

The Rhode Island Foundation, with sponsorship from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island, has honored five nonprofit organizations, including the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation, with its 2018 Best Practice Awards. These Awards recognize outstanding practices by Rhode Island nonprofit organizations in the areas of Advocacy and Communications, Board and Staff Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation and Volunteer Engagement. 

“Our recipients rose from a highly competitive process and an extraordinary group of nominees. There is something in each of their noteworthy accomplishments that can help nonprofits become even more productive,” said Jill Pfitzenmayer, who oversees the Rhode Island Foundation’s capacity-building programs for nonprofits. 

“The best practice awards highlight the enormously important role played by Rhode Island’s nonprofit organizations in improving our lives and communities, and we’re grateful to join the Rhode Island Foundation in celebrating the outstanding work of winners and hope to inspire and encourage these outstanding practices among all within the sector,” said Carolyn Belisle, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s Managing Director of Community Relations. 

The Collaboration Award was presented to the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) for its work building a community of collaboration among fishermen, scientists, resource managers, and food professionals that promotes sound science, sustainable seafood, and vibrant fishing communities. Founded by and led by members of Rhode Island's fishing community, CFRF develops practical solutions to scientific and supply chain challenges, such as providing fishermen with specialized apps to collect data while at sea and developing digital maps of seafood access points in Rhode Island. Since 2004, the CFRF has engaged over 150 fishermen and over 300 scientists and seafood professionals in its work. 

“All of the partners that CFRF works with speak their own language, use their own jargon, and harbor assumptions about others involved in fisheries and seafood. The CFRF provides a venue for these groups to come together to find common ground and advance the sustainability of fisheries resources and coastal communities,” said Dr. Anna Mercer, CFRF’s executive director.

To read the full press release and watch a short video from the Rhode Island Foundation, click HERE.